We help leaders in eldercare retain their best staff so that they can improve facility ratings, reduce costs, and improve the care and outcomes for their residents.
Our evidence-based skills training programs are proven to reduce staff turnover rates by up to 50%, while reducing direct care job stresses and improving the quality of resident care.
Helping caregivers reduce emotional and mental fatigue while caring for loved ones at home.
Aging in place is an alternative option that continues to grow in demand in the post COVID-19 era. Our unique skills training program is designed to equip caregivers with the necessary skills to confidently navigate challenging obstacles they experience in their daily engagement with caring for older adults.
Engage with™ Skills Training Programs’ Older Adult Module Receives Grant from NextFifty Initiative for Its Impact in Improving Patient Care for Aging Adults in Long Term Care Facilities.
Recognizing the notable efforts of the Engage with™ Skills Training Program’s impact on improving care for the aging population, the NextFifty Initiative awarded the Mental Health Association of Maryland grant funding to support the Engage with™ Older Adults Skills Training Program.
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Engage with™
Skills Training Programs

Engage with™ Skills Training Programs develop specialized competence to
work with specific populations

Take a Tour of Our Virtual Training Center

The older adult skills training program uses an innovative and interactive gamification approach. Take a tour by clicking the section to the left.

It made me more aware of other people’s feelings and the fact that their feelings are just as important as yours.


The information will help me to be more proactive, listen better and engage better.


There was substantially lower staff turnover in the 6 months after the Engage with Older Adults skills training compared to the 6 months prior to it.


African American older male pointing to his cellphone screen, sitting next to a Caucasian nurse, CNA, Orderly, Attendant or Home Health Aid.
Elderly Caucasian women with cane being assisted by Indian American male caregiver or Home Health Aid or CNA
Muslim female Clinician or Registered Nurse [RN]in pink hijab, wearing a stethoscope, having a discussion with a Hispanic-American male.

Founder’s Story

The Engage with™ Skills Trainings concept was created to develop specialized competencies to work with specific populations. The first of the Engage with™ modules, Engage with™ Older Adults, was developed out of a sense of desperation and necessity. After a lifetime of professional experiences, I found myself helpless as I watched my mother suffer the ravages of cancer and the seemingly worse after-effects from the treatments that were supposed to help her….


The coronavirus pandemic is causing increased stress and anxiety for all of us. To support you during this time, we have compiled a list of resources to help you protect and care for your #mentalhealth.

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