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Training Designed to Meet your
Individual Needs

Engage with® Skills Trainings are highly interactive, comprehensive skills-based trainings. Our programs help participants develop the skills and understanding necessary to engage in healthy relationships. The programs use an innovative gamification approach in a virtual environment and cover topics such as mental and behavioral health conditions, substance use and medication misuse, neurocognitive disorders, traumatic brain injury (TBI), de-escalation, and suicide risk identification.

Our methods help participants better understand with whom they interact. The trainings emphasize a person-centered approach, dispel myths, increase awareness, and promote meaningful engagement.

Training Designed to Meet your individual Needs

All participants start with the 4-hour Core Skills Training and can then add any combination of the five available 2-hour Supplements.

Multi-colored circular shaped Training Schematic that shows how the Core Skills Training can stand alone and is also the foundation for the 5 available supplements.

Following completion of the Core Skills training, there are five 2-hour supplements available which
can be “mixed and matched” to meet state/federal requirements or individual agency needs.

Skills Pyramid

All of the 30-plus skills in the full Engage with® Older Adults skills training program fall into
one or more of these five levels of the Skills Pyramid.

Teal Green Engage with Skills Training Pyramid with the words (from base to top): Observe, Communicate, Respond, Preserve, Reflect.

Take a Tour of our virtual Training Center

The older adult skills training program uses an innovative and interactive gamification approach. Take a tour by clicking the section to the left.

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