Engage with® Older Adults
Skills Training Program

Engage with® Skills Training is designed to develop specialized competence to work with specific populations

What is Engage with ®

Older Adults

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Our Eldercare Workforce Lacks
Necessary Skills Training

The United States is facing a crisis: a rapidly aging population with mental and behavioral health needs that will require more human resources than are currently available. In addition, the existing and future workforce lacks access to the skills training necessary to work effectively with this expanding demographic. Experts maintain the U.S. must make significant changes and invest in the development of the older adult workforce in order to protect its economy.

Engage with® Older Adults Skills Training is an important resource to prepare for the influx of this aging older adult population. The program provides critical training that will help employers retain their workforce while improving the skills of both professional and family caregivers.

Multi-colored circular shaped Training Schematic that shows how the Core Skills Training can stand alone and is also the foundation for the 5 available supplements.

Older Adults
Skills Training Module

The Engage with®  Older Adults skills training module focuses on developing the skills necessary to work with, care for and/or support older adults during all phases of the aging process. The Older Adult module begins with the “Core Skills,” “What everyone needs to know.” It is a four-hour, stand-alone, skills-based training that provides a comprehensive foundation of skills that has immediate practical applications for its attendees. The Core Skills training provides an introduction to the Engage with® Older Adults approach and is required prior to attending any of the available supplements.

Following completion of the Core Skills training, there are five 2-hour supplements available which
can be “mixed and matched” to meet state/federal requirements or individual agency needs.

The available supplements include:
Responding to Mental Health Issues

1.  Redefine perspectives
2.  Intervene to reduce suicide risk
3.  Deal effectively with anxiety
4.  Use a trauma informed approach

Understanding Substance Use and Medication Misuse

1. Identify signs of substance use
2. Match drug to effect
3. Communicate concerns about use
4. Help make an informed decision
5. Define, set, and own goals

Navigating Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

1. Identify early signs of dementia
2. Differentiate Dementia from Delirium
3. Be helpful with TBI
4. Minimize the impact
5. Communicate concerns

Managing Aggression

1. Communicate with purpose I – verbal
2. Use of Distraction
3. Establish safe negotiation zones
4. Communicate with purpose II –non-verbal
5. Intervene effectively

Partnering In Care

1. Think like a partner
2. Understand core needs
3. Engage like a partner
4. Develop a self-care plan

African American older male pointing to his cellphone screen, sitting next to a Caucasian nurse, CNA, Orderly, Attendant or Home Health Aid.
Elderly Caucasian women with cane being assisted by Indian American male caregiver or Home Health Aid or CNA
Muslim female Clinician or Registered Nurse [RN]in pink hijab, wearing a stethoscope, having a discussion with a Hispanic-American male.

Skills Pyramid

All of the 30-plus skills in the full Engage with® Older Adults Skills Training Program fall into
one or more of these five levels of the Skills Pyramid.

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According to Senior
Housing News:

According to Senior Housing News, the turnover rate for entry level and skilled staff in ALFs and LTCFs is double other comparable occupations – leading to increased costs and compromised care. One of the stated reasons for this is that staff are unprepared for the emotional intensiveness of interacting with Seniors on a daily basis and literally lack the skills needed to be confident,  effective and content in their jobs. Engage with® Skills Training for Older Adults focuses on these exact deficiencies, and our research shows that the training works in reducing turnover and teaching these skills through a unique method that uses emotional response to deepen learning.

There was substantially lower staff turnover in the 6 months after the Engage with Older Adults skills training compared to the 6 months prior to it.
Facilities are interested in Engage with Older Adults skills training for its potential to improve patient care, reduce direct care job stresses, and decrease direct care staff turnover.

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