Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Engage with® Older Adults designed for? Who is the audience?

The live, virtual program is designed for people who work with, support and care for  older adults. This could be a Certified Nursing Assistant, Registered Nurse, dietary  worker or anyone working in an institutional or home-based setting. The program is  so accessible, that family members and loved ones who wants to learn how to  interact more effectively with an older adult will benefit.

What does the program cover?

Engage with Older Adults is a skills-based program that focuses on interactions  between and amongst older adults and their partners in care. Topics covered include  behavioral health, impacts of drugs and alcohol, suicide risk factors, dementia and  how to avoid and/or respond to unpredictable or aggressive behavior with respectful  and purposeful communication. In addition, the important concepts of normal aging,  culture, stigma, and the preservation of ego are central to the training.

How long is it? Can I do it all online?

The training is organized into one 4-hour Core Skills training that can be broken up  into two 2-hour sessions. Engage with Skills Trainings also offer five 2-hour  optional supplements. All of the training occurs online through our virtual training  center. Your staff can take as many or as few of the supplements as their job function  requires – you have complete flexibility.

Is there a live instructor or is a computer teaching me?

From start to finish, Engage with Older Adults is led by a licensed mental health professional who is a talented and experienced teacher with a strong clinical background. There is no self-directed pre-work or homework to worry about or track—just a self-contained, immersive online experience that will have you eager to return for more.

What is it like?

Others in the space have online training with sound and graphics, some even have role playing cartoon characters, but nothing compares to the fully immersive virtual training environment offered by the Engage with virtual LTC Training Center. Developed in a partnership with an award-winning gaming company, the look and feel of our user interface is like nothing you have ever seen. Reach out to us and [email protected] to schedule a no-pressure demo and see for yourself.

How do you know it works? Any research or outcomes evidence?

Our first Engage with Skill Training Program, Engage with Older Adults has a solid  evidence base. The University of Maryland revealed that the training lowered staff  turnover, improved staff satisfaction and created positive changes in behavior related  to staff interactions with older adults.

Is there any professional recognition for the program, or CEUs offered?

Engage with Older Adults meets the CMS Phase II and III training requirements for  Behavior Health in LTCF environments. In addition, the skills training provides  Continuing Education credits for other licensed professionals.

Ok, I’m interested, what does it cost? Do I have to commit to something?

Our program is affordable, flexible and scalable. Connect with us and we would be happy to share the pricing structure with you, but spoiler alert – we are pretty sure it’s less that what our competition costs and we are offering significantly more. Also, Engage with Skills Training Programs allows you the flexibility to schedule as few or as many sessions as you need—no more, no less. I can see your CFO smiling already.

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