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University of Maryland Evaluation

Often professional trainings are quickly lost in the ensuing tide of other work requirements, inputs, and information. The fact that Engage stood out for these trainees such that they could articulate many changes they had made as a result, and many benefits from those changes, and in such detail is exciting. The interviews suggest strongly that Engage reduces some sources of job .

University of Maryland independent evaluation
There was substantially lower staff turnover in the 6 months after the Engage with Older Adults skills training compared to the 6 months prior to it.
Facilities are interested in Engage with Older Adults skills training for its potential to improve patient care, reduce direct care job stresses, and decrease direct care staff turnover.

Press Release:
Grant from NextFifty

MHAMD’s Engage with Older Adults Skills
Training Program Receives Grant from NextFifty

Timmonium, MD – 7/1/20 — NextFifty Initiative has
awarded MHAMD a grant for Engage with™ Older
Adults Skills Training Program…

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What Attendees Are Saying

It made me more aware of other people’s feelings and the fact that their feelings are just as important as yours.

The presentation was great. The presenter was able to communicate with everyone on all levels.

I will use this daily at work and outside of work.

I will use this to be more helpful with daily ADLs.

The information will help me to be more proactive, listen better and engage better.

This will help me to communicate respectfully with residents; Dr. G really kept my attention with his style of teaching!!

I went, one, to see the value of it to have for our whole team here. And
it was a great foundation for folks to understand how to work with an
aging population, how to better understand behavioral health issues
as they work instead of escalating it gave some good tips to non-clinical
people like our GNA’s and our, well they’re clinical, folks that might not
have had extensive training in it.

Dr. Goldberg was an excellent speaker.
He was able to breakdown big
concepts into easily relatable chunks
at the CNA level.

Latinex LTCF administrator standing at a desk looking down at a laptop reviewing the detailed Engage with post-training reports
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