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We utilize a cloud-based platform to achieve a sense of immersion in the training environment without the need for high powered technology.*

Participants register via the Engage with®
online training portal, and receive a link to
enter the training environment.

When the training begins, choose how your wish your personal avatar to appear…

…explore your virtual

…interact with other participants…

…choose your own seat in our
virtual auditorium…

…and actively participate in the dynamic, immersive training with up to 29 other people.

This is all controlled by the live instructor who leads the virtual training in real time.

This enables participants from even the most
remote locations to avail themselves of the
Engage with® Skills Trainings and vastly
improves the availability of all of the Engage
with® Skills Training offerings.

*The training can be completed on any device with a stable internet connection that can
stream high definition videos.

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